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Omar Hakim + Chic + Adam Lambert + Nile Rodgers of Chic

Okay, so here’s what happened…

Our dear Omar was supposed to hop on a flight to Los Angeles to walk the red carpet for the premiere of Dave Grohl’s Sound City…but he didn’t. Why didn’t he, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why but it’s a little involved, we’ll see if I can break it down. So Nile Rodgers of Chic has a charity called the We Are Family Foundation. This year, they put on Celebration Gala where Adam Lambert was presented with a Unity Award and performed on-stage with the Chic band. A. Lamb (that’s what I call him) was also celebrating a birthday and had donated his big day to this year’s festivities by way of inviting his fans to give funds toward the progress of global cultural diversity.

Meanwhile, 20 years ago Nile Rodgers and Our Omar Hakim started playing together and have had a long friendship ever since. Turns out the current drummer for Chic couldn’t make it to the We Are Family Foundation Celebration Gala SOOOO Omar cancelled on his trip to the red carpet to rub elbows with Dave Grohl and sat in on this show to play for A. Lamb and Chic and rock out and be typical Omar adorable.

I think I hit all my marks on that one except I have yet to mention HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IT IS THAT ALL THESE FOLKS WERE ON STAGE TOGETHER. But you’ll see that when you watch the video. I’m sitting with Rachel Z. and she’s telling me all of what I just told you, red carpets and the Chic band, omg A. Lamb and I’m just going nuts, I love Adam Lambert and I made her listen to me sing along to all my favorite songs and I told her that the next time I see Omar I’m gonna touch him ’cause I know he’s got some of A. Lamb’s magical sparkle on him still.

So, without further adieu, here’s the video Rachel Z. made of the show. Check out Nile Rodger’s charity, make a donation and listen to some good music while you’re doing it. Best to you and big love from TTOZ Family! -jessicabunny