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The Trio will UNITE July 16th ISTANBUL

Thanks to our friends at Jazz in Ramadan we will once again grace their lovely stage!!! This will be OZ’s only gig this summer but we are excited Check out jazz in ramadan 2014o


OZ at the Palace Theatre Autumn Jazz Series

Palace Theatre Friday Oct 25, 7:30pm
Waterbury ,CT

More info and Tix from the Palace Theatre
We are especially excited for this gig at this beautiful venue! The Jazz Radio DJ and Professor Mike Gow has created a creatively curated Autumn Jazz Series for the community.


The Trio of OZ @Cully Jazz Fest,CH

It’s 6am…leaving Brno now…ugh!
Today we meet up with Solomon for the Cully Show! Can’t wait to see Roger,Carine and Davide! This gig was 5 years in the making on the part
Of Salem Machine and we appreciate it!
Soundcheck now…check it out!



20130411-181914.jpgSolomon Dorsey joins us for this special show at #CullyJazz !

20130411-182121.jpgOmar setting up drums…

20130411-182159.jpgthe Salem Machine makes
Its all Happen for us!

20130411-182345.jpg a beautiful venue

20130411-182421.jpg One of our last sets of this music until pur new CD! Thanks to all of our fans and promoters for three years of touring on the Eponymous CD “The Trio of OZ”…new recording to start in June in the new studio!

20130411-182610.jpg This is the new Montreaux:-)

20130411-182641.jpg solomon dorsey’s classical background really makes his bow work so passionate!

20130411-182739.jpg Omar Sosa checks out Omar Hakim and had some truly kind
words about “the Domino Theory video of Weather Report” being required listening in Cuba!! Mr Hakim is indeed a legendary influence on so many drummers! It is always a pleasure to humbly hear these kind words.

20130411-183020.jpg the crew is great here& very kind!

20130411-183059.jpg thanks again to Jean and Roger for Videotaping our show! Hopefully
We will have clips up soon!

20130412-125855.jpg we did a radio show for RTI radio!



20130412-130034.jpgRoger Salem made this gig happen:-)

20130412-130119.jpgthe radio dude asked us ehat makes the The Trio of OZ tick! We
Told Him the heart and soul of the band is te communication!

20130412-130232.jpg We spoke about the freedom that comes with a common knowledge of musics, pop,rock,R&B , alt rock,jazz and being able to draw upon these references at any moment!

20130412-130409.jpg Solomon brings a freedom and a joy to his music that is so inspiring!

20130412-130503.jpg Omar threw down some
Mad grooves!

20130412-130541.jpg he is a bright light!!!


20130412-130634.jpg OZ with Omar Sosa who was very cool!


20130412-130735.jpgornella Is a young pianist from Lausanne- we wish her the best with her music!




20130412-130919.jpg Thank you CullyJazz.

TTOZ an Exotic and Magical Musical Trip

Trio of Oz at Wilson Center for the Arts
It has nothing to do with a land over a rainbow, but The Trio of Oz finds something exotic and magical in the music of your life. This stellar jazz trio (members have played with everyone from Miles Davis to David Bowie) only occasionally dabbles in standards of the distant past – a Gershwin ballad or an old blues shuffle. Instead, you’re more likely to find pianist Rachel Z building a solo on the chorus of The Smiths’ “There Is a Light” or drummer Omar Hakim chattering behind the melody of “Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains. They’re not the only jazz group tackling contemporary rock and pop, but they do it with a clean elegance and a devilish sense of fun.

➞ The Trio of Oz (Feb. 9). Wilson Center for the Arts. Harris Theater. 19805 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield, 262-781-9520,
Thanks to Michael Bloom Music PR

Omar Hakim + Chic + Adam Lambert + Nile Rodgers of Chic

Okay, so here’s what happened…

Our dear Omar was supposed to hop on a flight to Los Angeles to walk the red carpet for the premiere of Dave Grohl’s Sound City…but he didn’t. Why didn’t he, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why but it’s a little involved, we’ll see if I can break it down. So Nile Rodgers of Chic has a charity called the We Are Family Foundation. This year, they put on Celebration Gala where Adam Lambert was presented with a Unity Award and performed on-stage with the Chic band. A. Lamb (that’s what I call him) was also celebrating a birthday and had donated his big day to this year’s festivities by way of inviting his fans to give funds toward the progress of global cultural diversity.

Meanwhile, 20 years ago Nile Rodgers and Our Omar Hakim started playing together and have had a long friendship ever since. Turns out the current drummer for Chic couldn’t make it to the We Are Family Foundation Celebration Gala SOOOO Omar cancelled on his trip to the red carpet to rub elbows with Dave Grohl and sat in on this show to play for A. Lamb and Chic and rock out and be typical Omar adorable.

I think I hit all my marks on that one except I have yet to mention HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IT IS THAT ALL THESE FOLKS WERE ON STAGE TOGETHER. But you’ll see that when you watch the video. I’m sitting with Rachel Z. and she’s telling me all of what I just told you, red carpets and the Chic band, omg A. Lamb and I’m just going nuts, I love Adam Lambert and I made her listen to me sing along to all my favorite songs and I told her that the next time I see Omar I’m gonna touch him ’cause I know he’s got some of A. Lamb’s magical sparkle on him still.

So, without further adieu, here’s the video Rachel Z. made of the show. Check out Nile Rodger’s charity, make a donation and listen to some good music while you’re doing it. Best to you and big love from TTOZ Family! -jessicabunny